Thursday, March 19, 2015

Working Through the Pain

I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome aka PFPS aka runner's knee. The odd thing is I was never really an athlete or a runner so I'm not sure how it happened but it hit when I was a teen which, as it turns out, is fairly common for PFPS. I was told I couldn't walk or run more than a 1/4 mile which was great for me at the time since I hated running during P.E. Now it's a lot harder for me since I love to take my dogs on 2-4 mile  walks daily. I was also attempting the Lazygirl butt challenge (love the name) but once it got to 40 squats and lunges the pain became unbearable. I was researching ways to work out my glutes without putting too much pressure on my knees and came across this article.

Bridge is one of my favorites.
The bluish fog at the bottom is the beach. 

I wish I could take a beautiful jumping shot like Giselle but my hair does NOT flow gracefully in the wind, le sigh. Even jumping hurts after a while from the pressure that hits my knees when I land but heck, it's a must when I go to the beach.The photo above was an exceptionally foggy day where you could not see the beach from the hiking trails!

I'm going to incorporate the lower body toning exercises into my workout (I'm still doing the Lazyfit ab challenge) and hopefully I'll see results.

How have you worked through a similar physical problem to stay/get in shape? Have you ever heard of PFPS?

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