Friday, August 31, 2012

Never thought I'd say this but...

post aqua aerobics

ATTEMPTING to rock climb

... I miss working out! My summer membership at my gym ended and I'm contemplating renewing  but it's costly for this unpaid intern! What I loved most was the exposure to different work out routines. I went to Spin classes, extreme bootcamp, yoga, pilates and body sculpting among others. I had never worked out like that before and boy, it was intense! I remember coming out of class dripping in sweat (my Zumba instructor once pointed out my excessive sweating in class *redface*) yet I loved knowing I had a great workout.

In the meantime, I'm trying to continue exercising on my own but it's not close to the same level nor do I have much motivation since it's just me. BUT I do love walking my dogs and that is motivation to at least stay active. 

What motivates you to workout? What are some of your favorite classes? Least favorite? I admit, Spin is a great workout but every.single.time I was in class I hated myself because it's HARD!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

50 shades of crazy

The original romantic hero

I started my internship almost three weeks ago so I've been super busy acclimating while trying to keep up my gym routine at least three times a week. To sum up my current state in a word it would be- tired. LA mag is great and I've learned a lot but, like with anything new, it's intimidating and overwhelming at times. I loved going to the gym to release the stresses of the week but unfortunately my gym membership for the summer ends this weekend. Of course I'm debating whether or not to renew but as I'm  currently working at an unpaid internship I have to think twice about all my expenses. In the meantime I'm going to TRY and at least workout half an hour a day (or every other day) to at least keep my muscles toned.

** Check out my first blog post for LA Mag**

But on to some good stuff (re my post title). I finally caved and read Fifty Shades of Grey. The cons: badly written, overwrought chapters and some really cheesy dialogue. The pros: as far as the genre goes, it's good enough, good music (e.g. T.Tallis, Chopin, Roberta Flack). When the main character continues to declare herself "unworthy" you practically agree with her (never a good thing for the heroine) and her talk of him "owning" her is a HUGE turn-off. Yes, Christian is definitely twisted and I don't think I could tolerate a man that jealous and controlling however, I can see the appeal when he's all "hearts and flowers." I do appreciate that the characters are developed enough that it kept me reading, that is very rare for an erotica novel (ok, I've read a lot but maybe not that many). As for the BDSM aspect of it, I have to say I don't think it's the best window into that world since it's not really about a BDSM relationship. I admit, reading about caning, fisting, and a cat (not the living kind), was definitely shocking but it was not something that she actually explores in the book. I feel that is part of the reason why it appeals to so many women- it's sexually explicit but in a raunchy/romantic kinda way without it being real BDSM. Overall, it's good escapist literature and if I had to choose between this and Twilight, I'd stick with this. On that note, I'm curious as to who will be in the movie and so I've compiled a  wish list ;)

Ian Somerhalder as C. Grey: Copper hair, sex appeal & that gaze- it works 

Natalie Portman as A.Steele: She plays the innocent girl/sex goddess so well (see Black Swan) 

Cause really, who else could play Elena but Kim Cattrall?

I know this is kinda random but Hector Elizondo as Taylor

Blake Lively as Kate: I think she has enough sass to pull it off

Cillian Murphy as Hyde cause he plays bad guys so well

Those are the only actors I can come up with so far. I got into the book pretty late in the game so there was already talk of who would play in the film; as I was reading the books, these actors kept popping up. I think Elizondo would take the film into the Garry Marshall realm but when Taylor is constantly described as "avuncular," this guy comes to mind.

Have you read the book? What did you think? Did you feel as clueless as Ana about the whole world of BDSM?

I'm currently reading In the Land of God & Men by Sylvia Paternostro and Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence. Good reads!

Any suggestions are appreciated.