Monday, April 27, 2015

3 great meals with 5 ingredients

Last week wasn't a good one so I'm hoping this week is better. On the bright side, it was my sister's birthday so we enjoyed some fruit topped mousse cake and tres leches cakes (yes, plural). Sounds delicious, right? In case you aren't aware, tres leches literally translate to "three milks" - the recipe calls for evaporated, condensed and whole milk. I'll have to do a whole post on my attempt to make this from scratch.

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But this post is about 5 meals you can make with 5 ingredients. My ingredients are the following:
kale, chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, feta cheese. Note: I'm not including olive oil, lemon or any other dressings or spices as ingredients. 

 1. Sauteed Kale and Potatoes

Switch out the onions for some garlic seasoning and you're golden 

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2. Stuffed Chicken with Potatoes

My variation of this recipe calls for sauteed kale and tomatoes with garlic stuffed in the chicken with feta. Roast the potatoes with a a little black pepper and salt.  

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3. Chicken with sauteed kale and boiled potatoes

Instead of baking the chicken, cut it into small portions and saute it with some paprika, black pepper and garlic seasoning. Then saute the kale with garlic, salt and EVOO. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes and  then drizzle with olive oil.

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 Enjoy! Please share your five-ingredient recipes in the comments.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Stylishly Conscious

Have you guys heard about the Conscious Co. H & M exclusive? I'm a big fan of the work they do promoting conscious brands and who doesn't like H & M? I scour their sales racks like I don't own clothes. Anyway, they have some of the clothes online and while it's a little pricier than I would like (doubt they'll last long enough to make it to the sales rack!), I wouldn't mind splurging on this sequined dress made with recycled sequins.

Found here for $299  

I've also written about Sevenly in the past and, much like CC, they work with organizations in need but their focus is more on helping charities. Seven dollars from every purchase goes to a particular charity and in the case of the shirt below it's First Descents, an organization that provides outdoor adventures for those with cancer. Not only are you supporting a great charity but you're also promoting Malala who is one of the most amazing young girls that will ever walk this earth- I'm not prone to hyperbole so this is simply fact. I highly recommend her memoir and check out Malala Fund 

"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world"

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Color Me Happy

Because I left Argentina when I was almost six years old I don't have many memories of my time there but I do have glimpses and one thing that always stands out is my grandma's colored window. She had a French window- which I've always loved- and the glass was stained red and blue. It lit the dining room up so beautifully and it's something I've only ever seen at her house. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the actual window since last time I was there was pre-Instagram but it got me thinking of different ways I'd like to brighten up my future home. Here are some ideas:

The Inspiration (every panel in my grandma's window was painted):

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The Accent Wall: Like The Decorologist says, pick the right wall to accent. 
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Hanging Flower Vases:
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Glass Pebbles- How cute would this be on a china cabinet?

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 The Mountain Mural: LOVE THIS.  

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What are some of your favorite ways to brighten up a room?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Say It With a Meme

How I felt about all my deadlines:

When I made stir fry for the first time and it was a success:

When my dogs were extra playful and kept bringing me their toys:

When I was getting ready to watch the Doctor Who S6 finale after a long day and realized it was an hour and a half long:

Before I go I would like to leave you with a photo of a dish I've been dreaming about all week: The Panwich from Humble Bee. It's a hole in the wall by where I used to live and I'm so glad I discovered it because everything is delicious but nothing is quite as satisfying as this pancake sandwich stuffed with their homemade turkey sausage and eggs.

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How was your week? Have a great weekend!