Friday, March 27, 2015

Treat Yo Self Friday: Subscription Boxes

I initially got into the sub box craze after my 9-year-old pit Rocco was diagnosed with cancer. He had to undergo surgery and chemo and I thought it would be fun to sign up for Barkbox so he'd get monthly treats and toys. I kept it for almost a year and loved every box, seriously, it was like I was getting a gift every month. But the joy of seeing Rocco and my other dogs, Dante and Bella, playing with their new toys was my gift. That said, I just signed up for another sub box this time for my mom's birthday. My friend sent me a referral for Ipsy so I decided to try it out. Unlike Barkbox, for Ipsy I had to refer friends, Like them on Facebook, Follow them on IG and Twitter in order to get off the wait list. I did all that and tweeted them letting know and that it was for my mom's birthday and they immediately took me off the wait list so at least they've got good customer service. She gets her first box next month so we'll see. In the meantime I can't help but think about what I'd sign up for if I could afford to indulge myself so here are my Top 5:

PopSugar Must-Have

Found here

Fitness, beauty, and food all in one box... What's not to like? Plans start at $39.95 which is a little pricey for me right now but it looks like it's worth it. Plus, every box is worth double the price you pay if not more.

Julep Maven 

Found here

I kept seeing the ads on Facebook but it wasn't until my friend gifted me some Julep nail polish that I became interested. The polish was peachy color and it lasted a few days which is unusual for me since I'm notorious for not wearing gloves when cleaning the dishes. I like that you can change up the colors and products- it's nice to have a little power over what you get.


Found here
Kate Hudson co-founded the brand of activewear and I'm loving the looks. How cute is the black tee that drapes in the back? The leggings look comfortable but also thick enough so that I'm not insecure about my underwear showing (cause we've all been there, right?). The first box is $25 which is a great deal for active wear- I'm so tempted.


Found here

It's the original beauty subscription box and seems a lot like Ipsy so I'm not sure which is allegedly the better box or if they're essentially the same. It also starts off at $10 and provide deluxe samples but maybe they have access to better/different brands? Either way it's the OG beauty box and it's lasted despite the competition so that's saying something.

CauseBox by Sevenly

Found here

I found out about Sevenly through Facebook ads and liked that they give $7 of every purchase to charity. They just started their sub box service and it's all about socially conscious products. You get to select which charity gets a portion of the proceeds from your box plus all the products benefit non-profit organizations or  businesses in Africa, India etc. It's a quarterly box and costs $49.95 if you pay up front for a year subscription. It's definitely the priciest of all the boxes I've listed but considering the proceeds help so many people I wouldn't mind paying that much.

So that's my wish list. Do you have any sub boxes you're interested in? Any opinions on the ones I've listed? Recommendations?

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