Monday, June 20, 2011

Los Angelenos...

I was recently inspired by this LA Times article regarding the guidelines on how to be a "true angeleno." Since moving to the valley in 1991, I feel more like an Angeleno than an Argentinean (sad but true fact) and I've racked up a few of my own tips.

1- A true angeleno makes beach visits all year long (not just on warm summer days)
2- a light sweater is a necessity (a thick coat-rarely) but a true angeleno is spoiled by the sun so even on cool days there's always the flip-flop, shorts and tee-wearing crowd.
3- Gun shots in the middle of the night, green-haired teens with piercings in places one didn't know could be pierced, and the occasional homeless guy who needs some cash "for gas to transport his pregnant wife to the hospital" don't faze a true and wise angeleno
4- while we may not be able to travel the world, we are surrounded by cultural diversity-  whether it be ethnic cuisine (nigerian, thai, colombian etc), music, museums and festivals all contribute to further extending our knowledge of the world. However, the best source of cultural knowledge is usually your friends, neighbors and acquaintances who most likely come from all parts of the world.
5- Six degrees of separation has never rang truer. Though we may not all be connected to Kevin Bacon (but we may have seen him jogging in the hills or at Farmer's Market) we all know somebody who happens to be a friend of a friend of your best friend, cousin, sister etc.

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