Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the evolution of a work-out

This is how I feel right now photo by E. Weston

1) excitedly anticipating the effects of the new work out craze (at the moment it's Zumba)
2) adrenaline pumping workout
3) sweaty post-workout, tired and simultaneously exuberant
4) early morning- whole body soreness and mentally berating myself for pushing myself and yet hoping that it will pay off
5) weeks of the same routine
6) a toned body that made it totally worth it

Ok, so maybe the last one is wishful thinking... I'm still on 4 with weeks ahead of me.

I still do the same warm-up routine I did while studying modern dance and I take my dogs for walks everyday and I lift 5 pound weights to tone my arms (they say you don't need to go higher than that).

What's your work-out routine?

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