Monday, June 20, 2011

Dancing in the moonlight

ABT- Swan lake photo by MIRA courtesy of ABT
I love to dance and I miss it now that I'm working and in grad school. I took a year and a half of modern dance and those warm-ups killed me but I wish I had that routine back. There are three other styles I want to learn: waltz, tango and salsa. I recently visited The Tango Room Dance Center and I witnessed how people give in to the dance and the music and it inspired me. My modern dance instructor always told us dance was more than a movement, it was a full-body experience and the rhythms of the music become your guide.Unlike exercise, dance is fun and doesn't feel like a workout which is part of the reason why I'm drawn to it. Any suggestions on the best dance styles to burn calories while having fun?
(the ballet photo is too beautiful not to post- But, at 25, I think I'm too old to start!)

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