Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Vein Excursion on V-day

I can't remember exactly what my first thought was this morning (perhaps, "crap, I have 20 mins before I have to leave!) but I can assure you it had nothing to do with valentine's day. For all the single people out there it's not exactly an occasion to celebrate (Single Awareness Day, anyone?) but I did want to celebrate in my own way by---- donating blood!

 I didn't plan on it but the truck was at school today and pulled up right as I was coming into work which, to me, was a sign. I don't have the best track record when it comes to donating however; I've donated three times before and fainted each time. So naturally, being the masochist that I am, I donated and I'm OK! I made sure to eat a good lunch and drink a lot of water and I made it a point not to look at the needle.

I learned that it's best to take iron supplements or food that contains iron such as broccoli and raisins to decrease the chances of fainting. If you're ever near a Red Cross center or the mobile comes to you, donate if you can. It doesn't cost anything and you're helping not one but three people with a pint of blood!

So I've decided to make Valentine's day mean more than a Hallmark card and make it a tradition to donate every year. I figure if my heart doesn't skip a beat (but I sure hope by this time next year it'll have reason to) at least my beating heart could be of use :)

Have you ever donated? Do you know your blood type? I'm O+

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