Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Night

Despite all the work I have to do, I made it a point to watch the Oscars. It's a tradition I have with my mom to watch it together and this year was going to be no different (though I did read during commercial breaks!). First off, I love Billy Crystal and I definitely preferred him over James Franco and Anne Hathaway mainly because you can sense that ease and comfort coming from someone who's hosted before. I missed the opening scenes so I can't comment on that but overall he did a good job. My second favorite was Cirque du Soleil. How AMAZING was that? They are made of rubber I tell you.

The speeches I enjoyed the most were Octavia's, Meryl's and the guy who thanked everyone born and yet to be born ;)

Low points: Angelina's posing (what was that about?), Harry Potter winning NOTHING and the use of stills instead of movie clips during the In Memoriam.

lol via Mashable

Now for the fun stuff: Best and Worst Dressed.

Beautiful and Elegant. Photo via Popsugar
Poorly fitted with gaudy embroidery . Photo via Popsugar
What did you think of the show? Any surprises? I honestly thought Viola was going to win but Meryl deserved it (and so did Glenn Close) though I'm speaking solely from watching the trailers. Btw, anyone else surprised there were only two best song nominees?

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