Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beauty Regimen

I wrote about my Clarisonic purchase not that long ago and I'm happy to report that it's working very well. The brush that comes with your purchase is for normal skin types and I initially used it twice a day- bad idea. I have very sensitive skin but since they say it's OK to use it twice a day, I did and I broke out. So I started using it every night before bed and I didn't see much improvement but seeing the brownish residue of my make-up on the brush reminded me of how all that dirt was on my face. It's definitely a deep cleaner and I think once you find the right brush it'll work wonders. After a few months I ordered the the deep pore cleansing brush and, may I just say, it was made for my skin!

Jessica's pick is the pricier option...

I can see the improvement and it's  definitely gentle while still effective. I normally use Neutrogena's Acne cleansing set but I recently purchased Beauty Mint and while I notice slight change in my skin, the set is not really made for acne-prone skin in my opinion. There is nothing with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide so it doesn't really combat my acne and the only product (of the five piece set) that was helpful was the retinol night cream. Another disadvantage is the cost- I paid $30 because I got the first time buyer deal but it's just for a one-month supply. As a poor grad student, paying $50 or $60 is too much especially for something that is not very effective. Needless to say, I went back to my Neutrogena Acne kit which is $20 with my coupon and it last two months.

I've had problem skin since I was 13 and here I am 26 with better but not perfect skin. Sometimes I am a little resentful that I have to spend so much money on skin care (good stuff comes at a price!) while others seem to be fine with a soap bar and make-up remover. Alas, I am also grateful that such products exist and that they work so well!

What's your beauty regimen? What products do you use?

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