Friday, February 3, 2012

Spinning and Sickness

Everyone around  me was getting sick and here I was thinking I had been able to avoid it. I was wrong. On Tuesday I had my modern dance class, Wednesday I worked out on the elliptical, did some rowing, lifted weights (basically I used a lot of equipment) and Thursday I tried Spinning for the first time!

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You see that? I was riding that baby for an hour and by the end I was drenched. At one point, the instructor had us stand up and continue cycling. It was intense but an awesome workout.

How does my cold play into this?

I was rushing since I had  half an hour before class started so I took a quick shower and ended up walking out into the cold with wet hair.

I'm hoping to feel better by Monday. I had a friend tell me shots of ginger worked wonders for her... hm.... I'll have to think about that one.

Have you tried any new work outs? I really want to try Zumba next.
Also, please share any home remedies :)

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