Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby girl got her nails done

Red nails for the diva
Sometimes there's nothing better than staying in, relaxing at home having some girl time. As you can see, I enjoyed it a little too much with my babygirl, Bella. While most people I've talked to don't think it's nice of me to paint her nails, other pet lovers like me admit to doing it every once in a while. I have to say, with no modesty whatsoever, my girl is gorgeous and pulls this look off flawlessly :)

As for my nails, well there is no picture worthy of posting because somehow they never seems to last longer than a day. Granted, my sister says I'm the worst when it comes to nails because I don't put in enough time and maybe it's partly that and also the fact that I haven't been really excited about a color in a while. The last polish I bought was from Sephora called Kiss me on my Mistletoes, and as the name gives you an idea of the time of year that was, it's clear I need some inspiration.

What are your favorite nail polish brands? Colors? What's your routine?

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