Friday, August 31, 2012

Never thought I'd say this but...

post aqua aerobics

ATTEMPTING to rock climb

... I miss working out! My summer membership at my gym ended and I'm contemplating renewing  but it's costly for this unpaid intern! What I loved most was the exposure to different work out routines. I went to Spin classes, extreme bootcamp, yoga, pilates and body sculpting among others. I had never worked out like that before and boy, it was intense! I remember coming out of class dripping in sweat (my Zumba instructor once pointed out my excessive sweating in class *redface*) yet I loved knowing I had a great workout.

In the meantime, I'm trying to continue exercising on my own but it's not close to the same level nor do I have much motivation since it's just me. BUT I do love walking my dogs and that is motivation to at least stay active. 

What motivates you to workout? What are some of your favorite classes? Least favorite? I admit, Spin is a great workout but every.single.time I was in class I hated myself because it's HARD!

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