Friday, April 27, 2012

reality v. wishful thinking

In the morning, I like to think I look respectable enough to be seen in public:
not that I think I look like her but I feel nicely put together 

what I feel I look like when I get to work  

  Ideal Habits:
workout via pinterest


getting work done!

naps! via Pinterest   

pizza is my weakness! via Pinterest

work! via funny blog
 And that is why I can't update my blog consistently. 

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  1. About the work situation, I think something lighting plays a big role in how we look. I have the same problem, I think I look ok, but once I get in the car or school I'm like "what in the wooorrll?" lol Well I know dim lighting flatters the face and softens the features while harsher lighting emphasizes flaws -_-