Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experimenting in the Kitchen

 Oh the adventures that come with being hungry! It's amazing what you can come up with when hunger strikes which is exactly what happened to me recently. Armed with baguette bread, chicken strips, veggies and cheese I came up with the chicken sandwich pictured. I was trying to be healthy so instead of just heating up the chicken strips and making some mashed potatoes (my go-to dish when I'm hungry and short on time), I opted to make this instead. I sauteed onions and red bell peppers in olive oil and added powdered garlic, creole seasoning, black pepper and paprika to my chicken strips. I toasted the bread and topped everything off with fresh spinach and a little bit of mozzarella cheese cause I love me some cheese! I have to say, for something I never made before it was really delicious.

Yum-o as Rachel Ray would say...

Have any of your kitchen experiments turned into staple dishes? I was proud of myself and no longer starving so it was definitely a win-win situation ;)

Also, this dish was made by my dad in his own kitchen experiment with kale. Now, I had never had kale before and I admit it doesn't look too appetizing but he boiled it and added garlic and lemon and it's now one of my favorite healthy dishes- SO GOOD. Note the presence yet again of the chicken strips and this time we used basmati rice but I'm sure any rice with lemon and garlic will taste just as good.

Chicken with kale and rice

Happy Kitchen Adventures!

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