Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three things I miss from Argentina...

...besides my family and friends, of course!

1. Santa Maria Pizza in Rosario (notice the Coca Cola sign and then the Quilmes- a perfect mix of both cultures) 

Thick crust, lots of cheese, what more can you ask for? it melts in your mouth (too bad I don't have a picture! I didn't have patience to pull my camera out but check out their FB

2. The Night Life
LA may have a crazy night life but practically everthing closes by 2 a.m. In Rosario, at that time the night is still young. I loved the brisk evening walks.

3. The Architecture
Do I really need to explain?

photo 1 courtesy of Flickr
photo 2 courtesy of  The World in Photos
photo 3 courtesy of Travel Pod

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