Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just as beautiful as a rose...

Dahlia courtesy of Flowers Gallery

Peonies courtesy of Blooms by the Box

When we had to tear down our trees in the front yard after they dried out (thanks to the water limits in LA), we were researching trees to plant in their place. We ended up deciding on magnolia trees but I'd delved into the researching about flowers because well, I wanted to add more pretty flowers to the yard! I've already planted peonies which have yet to bloom and I would LOVE to have some dahlias in the back yard.Now that summer is coming to an end I'll probably have to wait till next year but till then I can stalk up on seeds  ;)

Any gardening tips are greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: On the very same day I published this I noticed the lovely Joanna Goddard's post on house plants ;)

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