Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You know you're a 90s kids when...

...Your ipod falls in the tub and despite going into panic mode, you think "at least I still have my portable cd players." Hey, if all else fails... :)

I know the whole "90s kid" list is played out but I still thought I'd list some of the quirky things that remind me of those days and decade that doesn't feel that long ago.

1. Tigerbeat, BBop, Teen and YM magazine... oh and Teen People!

2. The zipper folder- so I could leave all my loose papers in there without worrying about losing them

3. Jansport backpack and white out- only a 90s kid would know

4. Blue make-up ( I was a particular fan of blue eyeshadow but I also put blue mascara on my eyelashes AND hair)

5. TRL, Diary, Making the Video- basically, Mtv when it stood for Music

6. Three-way calling and having to answer every call cause there was no caller ID

7. Before cells we had pagers. Why? There was no practical reason and that was part of the fun 

8. Over exposed photos with those flowery, starry, butterfly-filled etc. backgrounds

9. "bomb" "dope" "diggity" 

10. a world without social media where most emails ended with @hotmail

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