Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post-vacation wreckage

The day I got back from Big Bear, I arrived to find the shelf in my closet had detached and the rail holding all my clothes fell right along with it. Photographic evidence of the disaster below:
one half of my closet. I'll explain the smiley face backpack
And so began my week-long efforts to organize and clean the closet. Despite the fact that I had no plans to do as much cleaning but instead was forced to, I'm actually grateful because I was able to get rid of bags and bags of clothing. Moreover, I found some mementos from my youth, including my Jansport backpack full of just some of my paperwork from high school, that lead to several bouts of nostalgia . Here are some of the other items I found:
Anyone else get birthday grams from school?
90s- smiley face anything, nanos, Nsync, Lisa Frank, Polly Pocket etc
the box of miscellaneous stuff

early 2000s school paper on the expansion of "the Facebook"

I carried this around with me everywhere!

I am clearly a 90s baby. My family and friends tease me for keeping so much useless stuff but for me it's about sentimental value. I am not a hoarder ( i repeat...).

Check out my After shot which includes my newly decorated closet door. I used all the postcards I've collected from photographers including Herb Ritts, Ansel Adams and Marc Muench.

What are some keepsakes you keep hidden away in your closet? Ever had a closet disaster?


  1. Oh my god! That smiley backpack is not for sale, is it?

    1. Ha! no, it was a gift from a friend (sentimental value)