Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy (belated) New Year!

do I look 26?

New year, new me. Well as far as resolutions go- I made none! Not officially at least. Normally I write a list and look back on it after the year is done but this year I feel like my resolutions haven't changed much. I still have a semester to go in grad school and I'm HOPING for a full-time job by the time I graduate. That's number one. Number two is to move to a place that allows my two dogs (both over 50 pounds) to live comfortably with me. Number three is totally up to fate but let's just say I'm hoping I find my Mr. Darcy (for all you lit buffs out there!).

But I'm not just delineating these for new year's because today is also my birthday. Yup, I'm now officially past my mid-twenties (26 to be exact). No biggie, right? WRONG. For some reason 26 feels like I'm over the hill (read: an aging spinster). I'm ok being single but no one is ever going to choose being single over love. 2012, what do you have in store?

 I thought I'd be married by 25!

Now on to some fun stuff... FOOD. I have been dabbling in both the familiar and unfamiliar territory when it comes to food. Behold three of my most recent foodie experiments.

Sweet Potatoes

Salmon Cakes

 For the alfredo, I followed my dear friend Alyssa's recipe

The sweet potatoes were baked with evoo, parsley and paprika. Simple yet delicious.

Salmon cakes are quick, easy and very filling. I buy the salmon in the pouches (boneless and skinless) but fresh is always the best choice. I got the original recipe from  Chicken of the Sea  and I always tweak it a little each time. It's really according to what you like but I definitely recommend dill, green onions, garlic, red pepper and lemon. Italian bread crumbs add to the flavor but if you have plain toss in some paprika, black pepper and creole seasoning. Trust me ;)

Any recipes that are your favorites? Did you make resolutions this year? And... do you have a "scary" age?

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