Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top 5 of the Week

Yesterday it rained ALL DAY, I'm talking  torrential downpour with lightening and thunder that had my Dante barking like crazy at the thunder gods. Today? It's 86 degrees. Welcome to L.A.

It's Sunday so I wanted to post a fun list of the top five things of this past week... written while listening to BBHMM by Rihanna cause it's just that kind of Sunday.

1. I decided to make Greek salad for lunch (sans the bell peppers) and it's perfect. I paired it with a chicken, kale and mozzarella patty that I slathered with labneh (another nod to my Middle Eastern roots). It seems like rather odd pairings but trust me, they work. Chopped judges would agree. 

2. I decided to take advantage of the current deal Fabletics has (50% OFF for a whole outfit) and bought the Kona (with a white bra instead). Note: when they say size 6 know there is NO give- it's a tight fit. I ordered size 6 pants and they fit perfectly- too perfect. Good thing is they have a great return/exchange policy so I don't have to pay for return shipping. Suh-weet. What I paid would've just covered the pants so it was a great deal. The jury is still out on whether or not I'll keep the subscription but for now I'm happy. 

3. Rainy day fun included watching Chocolat for the first time. Chocolate looked good, Johnny Depp looked better. Also reading Life of Pi and let me tell you, the movie was beautiful but the book is beautifully written. It explores religion and faith in a very straight-forward way that makes you think outside the box and really contemplate faith also, there are zoo animals. Sold yet?

4. I collected two bags of clothes after learning H & M has a garment collecting service where they recycle gently used clothing and in exchange give you two coupons for 15% off. Win-win, people. 

5. I learned Ms. Fizzle was voiced by Lily Tomlin (!!), Boo was on an episode of FRIENDS (she hit on Phoebe at the wedding in the episode where she's "possessed" by Rose), and Clueless turns 20 this year! 

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